PS4 Physical Release: Limited Run Games copies on sale August 4th!

If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of the game, please read this post very carefully!

Beforehand, here is the FAQ…

  • Q: Will you release physical copies for Switch?
  • A: We would love to but it’s not easy. DotEmu are still talking with physical publishers to see how we can make it happen, but we don’t have solid guarantee, delay or price at the moment. Limited Run Games themselves, who are very popular, aren’t able to get Switch games manufactured at the moment (they are also trying!).
  • Q: Will you release physical copies for PC or Xbox One?
  • A: It is unlikely, sorry.

Limited Run Games PS4 version!

We have partnered with Limited Run Games (LRG) to create and manufacture beautiful physical copies of the game for PS4. In a tough market were the vast majority of indie developers are unable to reach retail (the costs are very high, and distributors seldomly cares about small games), LRG are helping small developers make physical copies of their game and sell them directly to the customer, on the internet.

Their work is amazing and thanks to them, dozens of games were given a physical release that would never have happened without them. However, there is a catch: their runs are limited by nature (which for various reasons is a key element to making this work), and they have been very much in demand. For that reason, some people have been unable to buy the games they wanted, and may get disappointed about it. In this blog post, we would like to advise all Wonder Boy fans who are interested in purchasing this version, but are not acquainted with LRG, on how to purchase it before it runs out of stock.

  • Link: Official Limited Run Games Newsletter about the release
  • The game will be on sale on Friday, August 4th in two batches.
  • The 1st batch will be available at 10 AM Eastern Time (= 7 AM San Francisco, 10 AM New York, 4 PM Paris, 11 PM Tokyo)
  • The 2nd batch will be available at 6 PM Eastern Time (= 3 PM San Francisco, 6 PM New York, Midnight Paris, 7 AM+1 Tokyo)
  • You can only buy the game on Limited Run Games website.
  • LRG have manufactured 5000 copies of the regular edition, and 3000 copies of the collector edition.
  • This version support English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese and Japanese.
  • The disc has no region lock.

1. The standard physical edition (w/ reversible cover!)

Limited Run #73: Wonder Boy

  • LRG Purchase page: Limited Run #73
  • Reversible cover (front): a unique artwork to celebrate this release!
  • Reversible cover (back): we recreated a retro cover based on the original awkwaaaaard SMS cover. The back has a traditional SMS layout with screenshots matching the retro ones, etc. :)
  • 24 page manual based on the look and layout of the original Retro manual (not pictured).
  • Price: $29.99.
  • 5000 copies.

2. The collector edition

Limited Run #73: Wonder Boy Collector's Edition

  • LRG Purchase page: Limited Run #73 Collector’s Edition
  • (NB: the “Standard” edition is included inside, with the same contents)
  • Reversible cover (front): a unique artwork to celebrate this release! (pictured above in “standard” section).
  • Reversible cover (back): we recreated a retro cover based on the original awkwaaaaard SMS cover. The back has a traditional SMS layout with screenshots matching the retro ones, etc. :)
  • 24 page manual based on the look and layout of the original Retro manual (not pictured).
  • The two-disc game soundtrack, with 33 normal tracks and 56 bonus tracks (89 tracks, 2 hours).
  • A 18x24 inch folded full-color poster with the game key art.
  • A pack of 10 cards featuring art and characters from the game.
  • Packaged in a big outer box featuring a custom art.
  • Price: $64.99.
  • 3000 copies.

Limited Run #73: Cards

3. Advices if you want to purchase either LRG version

  • Create yourself an account on Limited Run Games website well in advance.
  • YOU WILL HAVE TO BE FAST WITH YOUR ORDER. Get acquainted with the website!
  • Notice that the games pages have a countdown.
  • Set yourself alarms 5 minutes before one or both countdowns, depending on your availabilities.
  • Pray for your internet connection to not go down.
  • Make sure nobody unplugs your router or steps on your DSL/Fiber cable with scissors attached to their feet.
  • If you click on their official newsletter, they have links to add the time/date to your digital calendars
  • Try to go through the order procedure with a test item (see “Merch” or “Add-ons”) to see exactly all the information they need and how you can pay. You can generally use Credit Card, PayPal and Amazon Pay on their website.
  • Take note that LRG are based in the US and shipping from the US. Shipping cost are typically USD 5.50 if you live in the USD 15.00 outside of US (we agree it is a bit steep for us poor Europeans!).
  • If you are a regular international LRG customer, you may put your games “on hold” to combine shipping, see “Holding Orders” on their website.
  • You may order up to 2 of the regular edition and 1 of the collector edition if your friends wants it.
  • You can follow their twitter page where they might post other news.
  • If either version sells out faster (the collector edition will likely sell faster), consider buying the other one.
  • Tell your friends about it, maybe to maximize chances of getting it! But also please don’t buy too many to allow others to buy it! Also, this is just a video game!

Bonus: apparently LRG has started including trading cards with all their release. According to their newsletter: “In case you missed it - we now offer free trading cards with each game you buy. Each release has multiple cards available - which one you get is totally random. We’ll occasionally slip extra cards into orders so you can start trading. See if you can collect all your favorites!”

Limited Run #73: Trading Cards

ARC System Works PS4 Asia version

If you miss the Limited Run Games edition, there is an alternative…

ARC System Works also released a PS4 Physical Disc mainly for the Chinese and Korean markets. We didn’t have much interaction with them for that release but we helped to get the language in and provided existing artworks. As a surprise to ourselves the game was released in some Asian stores…. on July 27th! aka it is out already.

  • This version supports English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional+Simplified) and Korean. The other languages are not available in it.
  • ARC released it solely for Asian markets in stores accross China mainland, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Korea, Singapore.
  • You may be able to import it online from Asian importers such as
  • The game was printed in rather small quantities.
  • The version released in China/HK/Singapore has Chinese text on the front and back cover, the version released in Korea has Korean text on the front and back cover. Otherwise they are identical.
  • There was also a small print of the Korean version with a discreet “collector’s edition” banner, including the game OST (1 CD version version, inside the game box), a reversible cover featuring the original Japanese Game Gear design, and it shipped with a very large mouse pad depicting the game characters and monsters (based on existing artworks). It was available solely in Korea on the internet and was soldout by the time we heard about it.
  • The game disc is the same in all three versions released.
  • The disc has no region lock.

ARC PS4 Release


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