Dev Diary 1: Meeting with Nishizawa-san!

In July we went to Kyoto to demo the game at the BitSummit festival and to meet with Ryuichi Nishizawa, creator of Wonder Boy, who helped us get this remake going. Until then all our communication were over e-mail and on Skype. So it was nice to finally meet (completely jet-lagged, in the sweaty Japanese summer). We showed him the latest build and asked him some questions about his work on the beloved series!

Today we are releasing a first little montage of it! Aside from meeting our favorite game creator, this montage is special to us because we are unveiling a little more of the soundtrack. The soundtrack is being carefully crafted by Michael Geyre who has been working on it with great passion since late 2014. Michael rearranged every of the original Shinichi Sakamoto track, creating beautiful variations and collaborating with talented instrumentists. In a future video diary we will unveil more of the soundtrack and of the process behind it.

If you came here and haven’t heard of the game before, you can watch our announce video here:

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