Dev Diary 3: Art

For our third dev diary, learn more about the art and animation of The Dragon’s Trap, by Ben Fiquet!

You can check some of previous work on his website

Another good news is that the game package is now gold for Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One! :)

So we are on track to hit our release date of April 18! We are now working on finishing our launch trailer and will start work on the PC version soon.


  • The game will be available in Japan for Switch and PS4.

  • The game will be available in Australia and New Zealand for Switch and PS4 (unfortunately we ran into rating issues for the XB1 version are looking if we can solve it but it may take a while).

  • The game is a digital download only. We have no immediate plan for a physical release. We are investigating the possibility but if it ever happens it would be later and in limited quantity. Please bear we us that physical goods may not be at our reach and few studios at this point know how to manufacture Switch games.

  • We are working on a PC version. We don’t have any date yet but hope it’ll be ready soon.

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